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Comptia Exams A IT Technician

Immediately after you study your text books it is significant to test your newly acquired know-how and see just how effectively you have absorbed the material. Practice exams….

* Reinforces what you discovered – fill in the gaps of what you missed * Gets you employed to answering concerns to construct self-assurance and familiarity

Right here are 10 Several selection exams concerns for you to practice on:

Query 1# – Which of the following is non-routable?


Query 2# – What is the principal distinction amongst an ATA/33 and ATA/66 cable?

A. Cable colour B. Quantity of wires C. Connector D. Twists in cables E. Prong layout F. Cable pin out

Query 3# – A 1xx POST error code indicates a dilemma with the:

A. Video B. RAM or ROM C. Tough Drive D. Program Board

Query 4# – Authentication technologies are which of the beneath?

A. Public crucial infrastructure (PKI) B. Hardening of passwords C. biometrics D. all the above

Query 5# – Which of the following command line tools is employed to find the name space and info about a distinct domain?


Query 6# – which of the following is most probably to shield a individual laptop or computer method for the duration of an electrical storm?

A. Use surge suppressers on all AC outlets B. Disconnect the line cords C. Entirely disconnect all cables and energy cords D. Turn the AC energy off

Query 7# – The acronym “POST” refers to….

A. Energy-On Commence Test B. Energy-On Self Test C. Preliminary Operating Program Test D. Proprietary Operating Program Test

Query 8# – A technician is diagnosing a customer's laptop or computer and observes that the laptop or computer is sluggish and unresponsive. Which of the following actions really should the technician take?

A. Clarify to the consumer that the laptop or computer is outdated and the technician requirements to take it back to the shop to repair it. B. Clarify the dilemma to the consumer and show the consumer how to defragment the method. C. Carry out a method restore on the laptop or computer. D. Clarify the dilemma to the consumer in simple terms and suggest a resolution.

Inquiries 9# – What is the I/O address for COM3?

A. 3E8 B. 3F8 C. 3G8

Query 10# – exactly where can the 1st division of any tough drive be identified?

A. Active B. Principal C. extended

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