Computer Data Base – What It Consists Of


Data is input by touching a “key” on the keyboard image displayed on the interactive display. Data entered through the interactive display is coupled through a keyboard bus and a keyboard interface to the processing unit. The ability to process the data so that error-free data files are created, results are accurate and the computer data base is maintained. Access should be restricted, as transferrals, addition or removal of information on a computer data base is much easier than when the information is stored.

Computer Data Base

The varying of definitions may cause confusion,particularly since definition of “computer database” is broad and may include non-technical information. Some type of remote data transfer system is recommended (using telephone lines, communications satellites) and a system to automatically incorporate the data into a computer data base is recommended. This consist of many units, such as the following. “Computer” is an electronic, magnetic, optical, organic, or other data processing device or system that performs logical, arithmetic, memory, or storage functions. “Computer” includes any property, data storage facility, or communications facility that is directly related to or operated in conjunction with that device or system. “Computer data base” is a representation of information, knowledge, facts, concepts, or instructions that are being prepared or have been prepared in a formalized manner or have been produced by a computer, computer system, or computer network and are intended for use in a such units. “Computer program” is an ordered set of instructions that may interact with related data that, when executed in a computer system causes the computer to perform specified functions. “Computer control language” means any ordered statements that direct a computer to perform specific functions. “Computer services” includes, but is not limited to, computer data processing, and storage functions. “Computer software” are computer programs, instructions, procedures, or associated documentation that is concerned with the operation of a computer system. “Computer system” are one or more connected computers, peripheral devices, software, data, or programs. “Access” means to instruct, communicate with, store data in, to retrieve data from, or otherwise make use of equipment including, but not limited to, computers and other data processing equipment or resources connected.

A person commits the offense of unlawful use of a computer if he/she, whether in person, electronically or through the intentional distribution of a computer virus: accesses or exceeds authorization to access, alters, damages or destroys any computer, computer system, computer network, computer software, computer program or data base or any part of a computer system, with the intent: to interrupt the normal functions, or to execute any scheme, to defraud or control property or services by means of false pretenses, representations or promises; intentionally and without authorization accesses, alters, interferes with the operation of, damages or destroys any computer, computer system, computer network, computer software, computer program or computer data base or any part of computer. Intentionally or knowingly and without authorization gives or publishes a password, identifying code, personal identification number or other confidential information about a computer, computer system, computer network or data base.

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